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Prem, Anita, Samuel, and little Elizabeth

Waghmare Newsletter,                                                                            22nd April 2004
Dear praying friends,

We realize that this newsletter is rather late, but we want you to know that our God is gracious in answering your precious prayers on our behalf:
1.  In the last few months we have been very busy.  This busyness was primarily focused on traveling to the towns and villages for Gospel meetings, as well as teaching and training men here at the Pastors Training Center.  We thank and praise our Lord for bringing these dear men who came, stayed, and studied with us during the last couple of months.  Just yesterday several of them returned to their villages for a short summer break.  Bro. A... and M... to L..., Bro. R... to B... ), Bro. M..., A..., V..., and Pr... to K..., Bro. S... to V..., Bro. D..., R..., Kr...., and P... to B..., Bro. A..., M... and S... to Sh....  Please pray for us, as well as for these men that we all will be "a vessel unto honor, sanctified, and meet for the Master's use, and prepared unto every good work" (II Tim 2:21). 
(Names are protected for the safety of the brethren - ld)

2.  God willing this coming Saturday, Bro. R... and Bro. Ra... and our family will be traveling again to W... to hold a one-day preaching/teaching session while Bro. V... and P... will oversee and welcome the visitors here at the Center. Then on May 4th, we are planning to hold an evangelistic rally among the people of the G... tribe at the village K... (about 50 miles).  We are praying and planning to hold more rallies like these in several towns and villages during the coming months.  What a blessed privilege to proclaim His glorious Truth!  We must do what ought to be done, knowing the results are in His hand.  And as you know, His hand is mighty to save!!  Please pray for His gracious visitation and that He will grant us and the hearers true hunger, thirst, and yearning for Christ and His beauty (Ps 27:4). 
3.  By God's grace our family is doing well.  Samuel, Elizabeth, and baby Grace are growing so fast.  They keep Anita and me quite occupied and surprise us with many things, especially their language abilities.  It is not unusual to hear Samuel and Elizabeth trying to communicate in Marathi.  They already have been singing several Marathi and Hindi hymns, as well as English choruses that we sing during worship on the Lord's day.  Please be praying for baby Grace as she is suffering with chicken pox - the combination of that and the high heat makes anyone miserable.  When she is well though, she is quite active and is at that age where she tries to get into anything she can get her hands on. 

For the last few days,  the daytime temperature has been around 110 F with a high heat index that has been causing a shortage in water supply.  We are grateful that our Lord is providing us enough water for our daily use though, as many wells in the vicinity are without water. 

 As I close, my heart is filled with thanksgiving to our blessed Lord for you who labor with us through your precious prayers, supporting and encouraging us in the way of the Lord.  Please know that we are very appreciative of your faithful partnership.  To end, I'd like to share this quote by Thomas Upham that has been an encouragement to me: "The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety."

 Your servants for Christ's sake,

Prem & Anita Waghmare
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Bro. Prem (facing camera, plaid shirt) conducting a Bible Study in India